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Literally Speaking Season 2 2016

Published on Jan 16, 2017

Literally Speaking Season 2 2016

literally speaking season 2 2016

(Photo: The Select Centre - Literally Speaking: Where do we teach?)

Literature In English Language (LIEL) Subject Head, Mr Laremy Lee, was a speaker at the second season of Literally Speaking, organised by The Select Centre on 24 November 2016.

Laremy joined Erin Woodford and Matilda Gabrielpillai on the panel, with Philip Holden as the moderator, to discuss the topic of "Where do we teach?" Tackling the question of "How does the place in which we teach literary works influence what we teach?", the speakers shared their experience of both institutional and non-institutional environments for teaching literature, and debate the possibilities and limitations that such contexts provide.

Literally Speaking is a series of discussions that brings together educators who work in different settings and in different languages to explore aspects of literature they have found central to teaching and learning.