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Arts Education, Interrupted

Published on Oct 31, 2020
Esplanada Offstage Making a Scene - Arts Education, Interrupted
Image courtesy of Esplanade

"Arts education has a very important place in all schools in Singapore. It is part and parcel of what we call holistic education for our students… fundamentally we need to acknowledge that it is not a luxury. It is central to one’s being,and central to one’s ability to discern who he or she is, and that whole identity formation." - Mrs Mary Seah, Principal, SOTA

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on arts education. With safe management measures in place, access to face-to-face instruction, resources, and peer collaboration have been interrupted. The arts industry has also been disrupted and faces many uncertainties. Our Principal, Mrs Mary Seah, and Intercultural Theatre Institute Director, Mr T. Sasitharan, shared how COVID-19 is changing arts education in the fifth episode of Esplanade Offstage's podcast series, "Making a Scene". Listen to the insightful podcast, "Arts Education, Interrupted" HERE.