SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Forming connections with peers from APSN through art

Published on Nov 01, 2019

A group of Year 4 students learnt that art can bridge gaps and form new connections in their Local Service Learning (LSL) project with Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)! Since the start of the year, the team came together to plan activities that tap on their artistic skills for the youth at APSN. To encourage them to be more active, our students created dance routines in the form of simple Zumba moves, which were incorporated into the physical education classes at APSN.

In addition to dance routines, our students mentored and painted with their APSN peers during art lessons. The benches on the APSN campus were also brightened up with a new design and coat of paint. Read more about their experience drawing portraits together HERE (pg 10).


It was a meaningful opportunity to share our love for the arts with our friends from APSN! Special thanks to Ms Elaine Lam and Ms Celeste Lin for their guidance throughout the LSL APSN project as well.

Photos contributed by Ms Elaine Lam