SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Borderless Learning Units (BLU) IV 2019

Published on Dec 17, 2019

The Borderless Learning Units (BLU) programme is an annual feature at SOTA, broken into segments throughout the year, during which students take part in learner-centred and out-of-classroom activities. The activities also help to develop in students the desired character traits and dispositions of a SOTA IB Learner.

The fourth and final edition of BLU this year spanned two weeks in October. During this period, students participated in activities such as exploring different elements of Chinese Opera, going through a Math trail, learning about their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) profiles, and visiting the Dairy Farm - amongst a host of other BLU features.

BLU - Chinese Opera
Students learning about various aspects of Chinese Opera

BLU - Math Trail
Students going through a Math Trail at Gardens by the Bay

This edition of BLU also saw some heartwarming moments. For instance, the Open Classroom, which celebrates our Year 1 students' progress and achievements, was an afternoon of joy as parents entered the classrooms and were treated to performances put up by their children. The Year 3 students also enjoyed the spirit of camaraderie during the Cohort Bonding activities, playing various team building games, including the all-time favourite "Capture the Flag".

BLU - Open Classroom
Parents, teachers, and students mingling during the Year 1 Open Classroom

BLU - Year 3 Cohort Bonding
Year 3 students having fun during their Cohort Bonding activities

Photos contributed by Michael Heng, Mr Ng Herk Siang, teachers, and students