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"Cloud 9: Raining" at Taoyuan Land Art Festival 2019

Published on Nov 01, 2019
2019 Cloud 9 Raining_Tan Wee Lit_Photo courtesy of Taoyuan Land Art Festival
Photo courtesy of Taoyuan Land Art Festival

From a single cloud floating over the Singapore River in 2015, Cloud 9: Raining is back with six clouds hovering over the lake at Bade Xipo Ecological Park in Taiwan this year! SOTA Visual Arts faculty member Mr Tan Wee Lit was invited to present a second iteration of this art installation as a permanent commission and as part of the Taoyuan Land Art Festival from 6 September to 22 September 2019.

Cloud 9: Raining is an art installation consisting of a series of six floating rain clouds hovering over the lake, juxtaposed against the tranquil background of the Taoyuan Land Art Festival in the Bade Xipo Ecological Park, Taoyuan, Taiwan. Taoyuan is also affectionately known as 千塘之乡 (Hometown of a Thousand Ponds), with a rich history of water catchment reservoirs for irrigation scattered around the city from the Qing Dynasty, Japanese colonialisation to the eventual modernisation of water supply to the city.

With 6.63 billion people around the world unable to access clean water easily, Cloud 9: Raining reminds us of the bane and boon, wonder and terror of the weather phenomenon bringing about both man-made and natural disasters against the backdrop of global warming. Just like the clouds that appear in cartoons, Cloud 9: Raining is a humorous and absurd attempt to recreate Nature. The rain clouds floating on the lake create a wonderful sight that inspires people to think deeply about the global issue of water supply and the meaning behind sustainable development.

Details (in Mandarin) HERE.

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