SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Celebrators of Experimentation, Expression and Discovery

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2012

Thirty-two SOTA students participated in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2012 (Junior and Senior Categories) on 29 May 2012. SOTA Junior Team has achieved 4 Bronze medals and 2 Honourable Mention in the competition, ranking 43rd out of 122 participating schools. The recipients are:

Bronze Medalists

  1. Bryant Chong Jin An (G1)
  2. Leong Yoke Yi Beatrice (G7)
  3. Wee Jin Ting Cheri (G7)
  4. Feng Guo Zi Beatrice (R1)

Honourable Mention

  1. Hoi Siu Yan (G7))
  2. Nah Jie Hui (R1)
The Art Anchors

The Rambert Masterclasses

Reflections and thoughts from SOTA Year 4 students - Sarah Goh, who trained in the Classical Ballet Class by Director, The New Zealand School of Dance, Garry Trinder - and Clancy Ryan, who was inspired by the best in their craft in the Rambert Masterclasses by Dr Ross Mckim, Ms Ayumi Hisaki and Mr Barry Ganberg (Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance).

Celebrators of Experimentation, Expression and Discovery

Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival

A creative spark in the making – SOTA student Chong Lii has been awarded the “most innovative” award at the Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival for his Extended Essay project.

Chong Lii's project title is “An investigation on the effects of carbohydrate polymers found in the ink produced by Loligo opaescens (squid) on the inhibitation of root growth in Allium cepa (onion) roots”

Well done, Chong Lii!

Celebrators of Experimentation, Expression and Discovery

Reflection Youth Photo Competition

Janel Ang clinched the 3rd Prize in the Reflection Youth Photo Competition 2009, organised by the South Zone Excellence Centre for Design in collaboration with the National Geographic Store, Singapore. Janel's entry was chosen among 2,255 entries from 94 secondary and integrated programme schools.