SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Rafusicul 2015


SOTA's Music students Lee Hong Xuan and Huraisha Bte Mohd Rafee won the first runner up prize for their original song written for the competition, Rafusicul 2015.

Rafusicul is made up of the words, 'Racial', 'Fusion' and 'Culture'. Organised by the Youth Wing members of, Rafusicul aims to spread the message of racial harmony through the arts.

National Inter-School 'A' Division Tchoukball Championship 2015


On 22 May 2015, SOTA teams fought hard and gave their all for a stellar performance in the National Inter-School 'A' Division Tchoukball Championship.

Competing against strong teams from Anderson Junior College, Meridien Junior College and Hwa Chong Institution, our girls team emerged the champion and our boys team finished strong as the first runner-up. 
Photo courtesy of Eugene Ong

SOTA Visual Arts student featured on "Contented" for his ceramics project

As part of his final assessment, Visual Arts student, Hans Chew, put up an automated vending machine installation which sells ceramics pieces handmade using the wheel-throwing technique. Although they look similar, each piece is unique and different in terms of size and glaze. They were priced at $5, $10, $15, $20, $30 and $100.

The installation, titled "Not Always $2", explores the monetary value we attribute to handmade ceramics and highlights the commodification of handmade ceramics within the context of our highly mechanised world.

His work was featured on "Contented", an online magazine which focused on Asian subculture. Click here for the full article.

Photo courtesy of Checkpoint Theatre

SOTA students took centrestage in Checkpoint Theatre's "Normal"

Three of our Year 5 Theatre students, Lim Shi-An, Audrey Teong and Claire Chung took centrestage in Checkpoint Theatre's "Normal".

'Normal' paints a vivid, funny and heartfelt portrait of life in a Trinity Girls School. In particular, a pair of artistically inclined Secondary 5 Normal Academic BFFs, played by Audrey and Claire.

Their performance received rave reviews in TODAY news and The Flying Inkpot.

'The raw, defiant energy that Chung brings, the thoughtful quiet turns of Teong, and however intermittently, the prim-and-proper ice princess presence of Lim Shi-An (as prefect-with-a-dark-secret Marianne) gives Normal undeniable touches of innocence, vulnerability and authenticity. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for them in the future.' - Mayo Martin, TODAY Arts editor

'....the production features moving, career-launching performances by the young leads Claire Chung and Audrey Teong.' - Adeline Chia, The Flying Inkpot.

Click below for the full reviews:

TODAY, 11 April 2015 - Theatre Review: Normal

The Flying Inkpot, 11 April 2015 - Top Girlsl

NLB residency programme

National Library Board Playwright Residency programme

Year 6 International Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate (IBCC) Theatre student, Nur Sabrina Binte Dzulkifli, was selected for a residency with playwright Joel Tan under the National Library Board (NLB) Playwright Residency programme.

Sabrina will be involved in a 21-week writing phase where she will write and refine a play from scratch under the close mentorship of Joel Tan. At the end of this phase, her play will be treated to a dramatised reading at the library. Following that, she will get to experience the production process and see her play come to life into a full staging at a library auditorium.


SOTA Theatre students in Intercultural Theatre Institute's production

Two of our Year 1 Theatre students, Kai Lee Losey and Adam Wee were featured in Intercultural Theatre Institute's (ITI) production "Power, Sex And Success" in March 2015.

The triplebill of Shaw, Shaffer and Pinter short plays features "How He Lied To Her Husband", a comedy of manners by George Bernard Shaw, "The Private Ear", a tragi-comedy with hints of Surrealism by Peter Shaffer and "One For The Road", a timeless text relating to allegations of torture that reflects a certain sense of Expressionism by Harold Pinter. Both Kai and Adam will be featured in "One For The Road"

debate team

Speak! Ventures Debates Championships 2015

SOTA Debate team (Nicole Tong, Matthias Teh, Elizabeth Michelle Jacobs, Ashley Ho and Rebecca Chong) emerged the Runner-Ups in the Silver Division of Speak! Ventures Debates Championships. Nicole and Matthias were also awarded the best speaker awards for their efforts.

32 schools from across Singapore participated in this event, organised by the Debate Association (Singapore) and Speak! Ventures Pte Ltd, on 24 and 25 January 2015.

National Level Music Competition

Our Year 2 Music student, Surup Godha, won the First Prize for the highest level category (Ragam & Kalpanaswarm), for his improvisational ability in a composition in the National Level Music Competition organised by Sivan Fine Arts Academy in January 2015. He was the youngest participant so far to have achieved this award.

Photos courtesy of Art Stage Singapore

The Art Stage Singapore Student Art Competition 2015

Three of our Visual Arts students took home the 1st, 3rd and 4th prizes at the Art Stage Singapore Student Art Competition 2015.

Congratulations to Year 5 students Koo Jia Wen and Samantha Chua, and alumnus Lloyd Koh on their achievements.

SOTA debate team

Division 3 Debating Championship 2015

Two debate teams from SOTA participated in the 2015 Division 3 Debating Championship at Anglican High School on 10 January 2015 along with over 14 other teams from various schools in Singapore. Our debate teams managed to clinch 5 out of the 20 Best Speaker Awards, making our school one of the largest recipients of this award.

Our best speaker awardees were:

Ashley Ho (B7), 3rd
Rebecca Chong (B7), 7th
Nicole Tong (B6), 11th
Elizabeth Jacobs (B2), 13th
Matthias Teh (B6), 19th